We are the space holders for grief

We are more than trite phrases and empty gestures with no action

We show up

We hold the hands of the downtrodden and we refuse to let go

We welcome our shoulders being stained with the tears of the stranger and the friend

We are the peacemakers

We stand in the gap

We choose to have fragile, broken hearts

We are the light in the darkness

We are the refuge in the raging storm

We are heads held high in uncertainty

We are warriors armed with kindness

We are the strength that can only be found in tenderness

We allow our tears to flow knowing together they form a river, rushing us toward grace

We are the voice crying out in the dark guiding our lost brothers and sisters home

We are more than good thoughts

We are those that fall to our knees in anguish

We are prayers like wordless moans torn out of aching souls begging for justice this world cannot provide


We are





We are





We are





And we do not waiver

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